Drillco AS


Drillco AS was established in 2006, for the intention of developing special tools for drilling operations.

The first product in the portfolio is the Drillco Inline Heave Compensator (DIHC), for installation of protection sleeves during Trough Tubing Rotary Drilling operations. In addition to the increased HSE savings, DIHC will reduce the offshore rigging time and extend the weather window for this type of operations. The DIHC was successfully used offshore on a TTRD Campaign on Stena Don during the summer 2009.



Drillco Inline Heave Compensator

Drillco Inline Heave Compensator



We have also developed a Casing Landing Assembly (CLA-Tool)

Save handling, save time, reduce the risk of stuck casing and handling injuries, The CLA- tool is specifically designed by experienced ‘'hands on'' professionals to eliminate most of the hazards associated in the final stages of running casing and liners.

Features & Benefits of the CLA-tool

  • ¨ With hanger above flex joint, tool is picked up in collapsed position. The tool is then stroked out and the casing landed in well head.
  • ¨ Casing can be landed with circulation through the landing string, CLA-tool to be set in mid stroke and cement head installed at convenient working height.


CLA-tool is then stroked out and circulation and cementing operation can be performed.

  •  No need to use rig time to rack cement stand in setback prior to drilling section.
  • Cement head can be picked up directly from deck when needed, reducing time the hole is open prior to running casing if not made up before.
  • Cement head can be made up at last minute if arrival onboard is delayed.
  • No need to work in riding belts to hook up hoses

Note: The tool is provided with a lock device that locks the tool in the collapsed position allowing it to be racked in setback if required, without it stroking out when it is picked up.

  • All work is done at rotary level, at a time convenient to the operation.
  • Cement head can even be changed out at rotary level, without the effects of rig movement, in the event of a cement head failure, prior to or during the cement job.
  • Cement CLA-tool allows for transmission of torque at any position.

 With the installation of a full bore kelly cock below the cement head, the cement head can be laid out immediately after the job is finished, while waiting on cement, or prior to setting seal assembly if required.



Testing of CLA at Aker Solutions, Pull Test to 412 ton

Testing of CLA at Aker Solutions, Pull Test to 412 ton

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